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.: August 19th, 2016 Results:.

68 cars signed in to do battle for the 2016 season championship sponsored by Niblets Apple Shed on Friday night at Spring Lake Speedway.  The fans were greeted with 6 divisions of competition all vying to call themselves season champion at SLS for our inaugural year. 

The 49W of Dane Wisnewski started the 20 lap Midwest Modified feature on the pole. Early on in the race the veteran #35 of Grant Southworth took the lead over the 49W of Wisnewski. Shortly after Southworth took the lead the #56 of Nate Thums got turned around coming out of turn 4 bringing out the first caution of the night. Midway through the race, the leaders were Southworth, #22t Michael Truscott, and #80 Brad Seavers. Truscott closed the gap on Southworth to about two to three car lengths, as the laps wore on. Later in the race the 44s of Barry Smith and .08 of Eric Klementson got into a hard crash in turn one bringing out another caution.  When the field was brought back to green, the 80 of Seavers car made a late push to get to the front and closed on the Truscott, but to no avail. Southworth held off the closing pack to win the Midwest Modified Feature and claim the 2016 SLS season championship.

1. Grant Southworth (35), 2. Michael Truscott (22T), 3. Brad Seavers (80), 4. Tyler Werner (18), 5. Tad Schoonover (47), 6. Andy Karl (61k), 7. Barry Smith (44s), 8. Dane Wisniewski (49), 9. Andrew Rindfleisch (7), 10. Eric Klemetson (.08), 11. Nathan Thums (56)

Heat #1:
1. Tad Schoonover (47), 2. Michael Truscott (22T), 3. Tyler Werner (18), 4. Andy Karl (61k), 5. Barry Smith (44s)

Heat #2:
1. Grant Southworth (35), 2. Brad Seavers (80), 3. Dane Wisniewski (49), 4. Eric Klemetson (.08)

The 23e of Terry Kroening  brought the Super Stocks to the green for their 20 lap feature. Kroening wasted no time to jump out to an early and lengthly lead, taking advantage of  the pole position starting spot.  #22 of Spacek settled into second, and the 23b of Mike Bauer in 3rd. The 23b of Bauer blew his engine midway through the race, ending a spectacular showing for his first time behind the wheel in well over a decade. The 1E of Eric Olson took over the 3rd spot from Bauer and kept it to get a top 3 finish. The 23E stayed out front the entire race to claim his first ever feature win for the Super Stocks on season championship night at SLS.

Super Stocks 8/19/16:
1. Terry Kroening (23E), 2. Randy Spacek (22), 3. Eric Olson (1E), 4. Travis Schilling (72), 5. Terran Spacek (22k), 6. Luke Schultz (96), 7. Keith Corcillus (10Pin), 8. Joel Peterson (33), 9. Mike Bauer (23B), 10. Scott Geiger (75)

Heat #1: 
1. Terry Kroening (23E), 2. Randy Spacek (22), 3. Terran Spacek (22kid), 4. Travis Schilling (72), 5. Scott Geiger (75)

Heat #2: 
1. Mike Bauer (23B), 2. Joel Peterson (33), 3. Eric Olson (1E), 4. Luke Schultz (96), 5. Keith Corcillus (10pin)

The 10x of Nate Hauge started on the pole for the Street Stock season championship crowing race. The 16x of Kyle Genett jumped out to an early lead over the 16k of Karl Genett in second, the 12 of Cody Kummer in third, and the 3J of Jared Lindner in fourth. Kummer overtook Genetts second place spot and challenged for the lead midway through the race. The top 3 were bumper to bumper at times during the race, however, the 16x of Kyle Genett held onto the frontrunners spot to win the Street Stock Feature.

Street Stocks 8/19/16:
1. Kyle Genett (16x), 2. Cody Kummer (12), 3. Karl Genett (16k), 4. Jared Lindner (3J), 5. Hunter VanGilder (84), 6. Mike Knutson (42k), 7. Mitchell Kesan (21k), 8. Nate Hauge (10x), 9. Shawn Amundson (30)

1. Kyle Genett (16x), 2. Nate Hauge (10x), 3. Cody Kummer (12), 4. Karl Genett (16k), 5. Jared Lindner (3J), 6. Shawn Amundson (30), 7. Mike Knutson (42k), 8. Mitchell Kesan (21k), 9. Hunter VanGilder (84)

The #44 of Jared Loos pulled out to a huge lead early on in the Modified Feature. The field spread out throughout the race with Loos lapping multiple cars. The #15 of Steve Bangert car came into turn 4 high and got loose in the unpacked dirt.  Bangert’s rare driving error provided the window that the #51 of Chris Oertel out of Marshfield, WI needed to take 2nd place.  Bangert fell all the way back to 5th place after getting loose. Loos, crossed the checkers first to win the Modified feature, lapping a good portion of the field to have a solid victory.

Modifieds 8/19/16:
1. Jared Loos (44), 2. Chris Oertel (51), 3. Ryan Aho (92), 4. Steve Lavasseur (99L), 5. Steve Bangart (15), 6. Randy Bargender (009), 7. Jimmy Bartelt Sr. (04), 8. David Baxter (35B), 9. Jim Stargardt (07)

1. Jared Loos (44), 2. David Baxter (35B), 3. Steve Bangart (15), 4. Chris Oertel (51), 5. Ryan Aho (92), 6. Jim Stargardt (07), 7. Randy Bargender (009), 8. Steve Lavasseur (99L), 9. Jimmy Bartelt Sr. (04)                                                                                                                     

The 16 of Cole Varsho started out on the pole for the Pure Stocks. Varsho jumped out to an early lead over the rest of the field. The #93 of Mike Knopps kept a close distance in second behind Varsho after passing a few cars in the field. Knopps closed in on Varsho for the lead, and the close side by side racing action caused the two to spin out. Knopps pulled off of the track into the work area after the caution, but later returned to the back of the pack. After the crash, the top 3 were: 16 of Varsho, #2 Ron Kundinger, and 16 of David Blackberg. The #838 of Jason Eisel and the #77 of Randy Luedke were involved in a spin out on the back stretch bringing out another caution. The top 5 midway through the event were Varsho, Blackberg, #49 Dean Pronshinske, Knopps, and Kundinger.  Knopps, after pulling into the work area, made his way all the way from the back of the pack, past the field, and into the second position behind Varsho setting the stage for another side by side dual for the lead, and the side by side cars got together bringing out another caution. The race officials determined that Knopps was at fault for a second caution and therefore was disqualified from the race. The Blackberg entry slid back into second after the restart, while #37 of Brandon Hackala took third with his car smoking profusely. Varsho, after holding off some serious competition, held on to the lead after the restart and won the feature for the pure stocks for the final regular season night at SLS.
Pure Stocks 8/19/16:
1. Cole Varsho (16c), 2. David Blackberg (16), 3. Brandon Hakala (37), 4. Brent Hauge (10Jr), 5. Jim Thur (66T), 6. Randy Luedtke (77), 7. Dean Pronschinski (49), 8. Ron Kundinger (2), 9. Jennifer Nitzsche (13N), 10. Mike Knopps (93), 11. Dustin Heier (8Ball), 12. Kevin Teske (27), 13. Ken Heser (35), 14. Gunner Orcutt (19), 15. Jason Eisel (83), 16. Joe Choney (19c)

Heat #1:
1. Cole Varsho (16c), 2. Jason Eisel (838), 3. Ron Kundinger (2), 4. Dean Pronschinske (49), 5. Brent Hauge (10JR), 6. Dean Pronschinski (8), 7. Joe Choney (19c), 8. Jennifer Nitzsche (13N)

Heat #2:
1. Mike Knopps (93), 2. Randy Luedtke (77), 3. Jim Thur (66T), 4. David Blackberg (16), 5. Kevin Teske (27), 6. Brandon Hakala (37), 7. Gunner Orcutt (19), 8. Ken Heser (35)

The #76 of Jake Halterman jumped out to an early lead over the pack at the start of the hornet feature, but was eventually passed by the #12 of Charlie Nickel. Nickel opened up a huge lead over the rest of the top 5 on the track.  Halterman, #51 of Brandon Langbecker, and #33 of Mark Schoone dueled each other for the second position but remained unchanged in positioning. The #12 of Dustin Lietz was trying to get off of the race track because of car troubles and was mistakenly hit and pushed by faster traffic into the wall. The Lietz car careened off of a tire and flipped over on to the roof of the car. The race was immediately red flagged, while the medical staff and officials worked to ensure the safety of Leitz, who was immediately reported as being ok. After burning off excess fuel on the track, the race was resumed.  Nickel won with a commanding lead after the final restart of the night, but was found to be illegal by the tech officials at SLS, and was disqualified, giving credit to #76 Jake Halterman.  

Hornets 8/19/16:
1. Jake Halterman (76), 2. Brandon Langbecker (51), 3. Jennifer Nitzsche (13N), 4. Richard Lietz (64), 5. John Lietz (92), 6. Adam Teske (27), 7. Leslie Leu (14x), 8. Matt Sweet (99), 9. Chad Halterman (x7), 10. Kraig James (04), 11. Raymond Ortiz (25), 12. Charlie Nickel (12N), 13. Mark Schoone (33), 14. Dustin Zettler (12)

Heat #1: 
1. Jake Halterman (76), 2. Chad Halterman (x7), 3. Matt Sweet (99), 4. Leslie Leu (14x), 5. Jennifer Nitzsche (13N), 6. John Lietz (92), 7. Charlie Nickel (12N)

Heat #2:                               
1. Brandon Langbecker (51), 2. Mark Schoone (33), 3. Charlie Nickel (12N), 4. Richard Lietz (64), 5. Kraig James (04), 6. Adam Teske (27), 7. Raymond Ortiz (25)