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.: June 23rd, 2017 Results:.

Wayne Modjeski Wins Wing Sprint Car Special

By Kevin Bargender

Unity, WI. June 23—Spring Lake Speedway (SLS) welcomed the MSA Winged Sprint Cars to the track on Friday for a special event. The Sprint Cars had not raced in Unity since 2003.

The 14AJ of Wayne Modjeski won the A-main feature for the Sprint Cars.

Andrew Westphal took an early lead over the field and seemed to be running away with the victory before the leaders started encountering lap traffic.

As the leaders made their way through the lap cars, Modjeski started to close the gap between himself and Westphal. Once Modjeski caught up to Westphal, he dove to the inside of Westphal to take the lead.

The 51S of Scotty Thiel made his way through the pack and passed by Westphal to take second.
With only a few laps left, the 6 of Dick Kaiser, the 6K of Kurt Davis and the 2C of Chris Clayton were involved in a collision along the front stretch. Smoke could be seen billowing from Kaiser’s car as he, Davis, and Clayton ended their nights on a sour note.

On the final restart, Modjeski pulled away from the pack for the victory.

The top five starting with first were: Modjeski, Thiel, Westphal, Tim Haddy and Lance Fassbender.
The Winged Sprints honored the fans of SLS with a four-wide salute before the feature got under way. Fans made noise to show their appreciation for the drivers as the Winged Sprints made their way around the track before the green flag.

Shane Halopka started outside of the pole position for the B-MOD feature, but ended the night in victory lane. The feature victory is Halopka’s first feature win of the season at SLS.

Pole sitter Andy Karl took the early lead but was soon challenged by the 35 of Grant Southworth. Southworth used the inside line to take the lead from Karl. Karl then fell back to third when Halopka took the inside line to pass Karl for second.

Southworth seemed to have a strong hold on the lead but ran into the lap traffic car of Lonnie Leu Jr. Southworth’s car bounced off the back-stretch wall after the contact with Leu Jr. Both Leu Jr. and Southworth’s nights were over as they sustained substantial damage to the right side of their cars.

As Southworth exited the race under green, Halopka took over the lead and never looked back.
The 22T of Michael Truscott swapped positions back and forth with Karl for the second position until Truscott took the runner-up position for good after a debris caution.

The top five starting with first were: Halopka, Truscott, Karl, Paul Niznik and Chad Selk.

The Super Stocks crowned a new winner this week as Jeff Klopstein broke Randy Spacek’s three feature race win streak at SLS. Klopstein started on the pole and held a commanding lead throughout the race.

The feature got out to a bang on the first lap as the 4x of David Elliott and the 33 of Joel Peterson made contact multiple times throughout the backstretch but avoided drawing a caution.

Truscott stayed within a few car lengths of Terry Kroening but could not move any closer from his position of third.

The top five starting with first were: Klopstein, Kroening, Spacek, Scott Geiger and Elliott.
Both Karl and Kyle Genett dominated the Street Stock feature as they would go on to finish first and second.

The outside line moved through the pack quickly as Bob Seidler took first, followed by Nate Hauge and Karl Genett to complete the top three.

Seidler surrendered the lead to Genett after a short battle for the position. Seidler fell back to third as Hauge, also, passed by.

Kyle Genett joined his brother in the front as he made his way up to the second position. Kyle Genett tried riding along the high line to catch Karl Genett but to no avail.

The top five starting with first were: Karl Genett, Kyle Genett, Jared Lindner, Ralph Stark and Hunter Anderson.

Paul Niznik picked up his second A-MOD feature win with his victory Friday night.

Niznik, who raced in both the A-MOD and B-MOD series, took the lead from pole sitter Cole Varsho early in the feature.

The 93 of Mike Knopps got into the turn three wall to bring out the first caution of the race. Knopps sustained damage to the right front of his car, which ended his night early.

The feature race did not end without drama as lap traffic would impact the leader in a second feature race. Niznik, controlling the lead, made contact along with back-stretch with lap traffic car Mike Duhr. Niznik’s car careened off Duhr’s car and hit the back-stretch wall before diving down low and re-aligning his car on the track in the first position.

The incredible save by Niznik kept his car not only on the track, but back on the path to victory.
The top five starting with first were: Niznik, Matt Leer, Jared Loos, Steve Lavasseur and Kent Baxter.
Tucker Quinn earned his second Pure Stock feature win of the season at Spring Lake Speedway Friday night. Quinn dominated the race as he passed by pole sitter Ken Heser early in the feature.
Second place finisher Jason Havel had a scare as his car careened off the wall and into the infield but avoided further incident.

The top five starting with first were: Quinn, Havel, Jim Thur, Mike Pratt and Heser.

The Hornets ended the night with a thrilling side-by-side finish between Mark Schoone and Casey Gross that ended with Schoone taking the checkered first by inches over Gross.

Gross, starting in second, took first in the early portion of the race, but never had a comfortable lead as Schoone kept within a few car lengths of Gross.

Schoone closed the distance towards the end of the feature and stayed right behind Gross as the two entered the final lap.

In turn one, Schoone took the high side to pass Gross for the lead, however, Gross battled back as the two were parallel coming out of turn four. Gross could not regain the lead on the front stretch as Schoone took the narrow victory. Schoone’s victory snaps Gross’s three feature race win streak as SLS.

The top five starting with first were: Schoone, Gross, Jake Halterman, Chad Halterman and Jennifer Nitzsche.

Racing returns to Spring Lake Speedway on Friday, July 7 with a Junk Yard Wars Special and Salute to The Troops Night sponsored by Tims Automotive & Machine. The night will also include all regular series, featuring: A-MODS, Super Stocks, B-MODS, Street Stocks, Pure Stocks & Hornets. Racing will begin at 7:30 p.m. with fireworks to follow the racing action.

Full Feature and Full Heat Results from 6/23/17 at Spring Lake Speedway below. It was a great night of racing and a packed house! It was fun to have the Winged Sprint Cars at the track and they put on a GREAT show!

Midwest Sprint Car Official Finish:
1. Wayne Modjeski (14aj), 2. Scott Thiel (51s), 3. Andrew Westphal (81), 4. Tim Haddy (21h), 5. Lance Fassbender (7), 6. Justin Miller (15m), 7. John Krebsbach (08), 8. Danny Schlafer (25), 9. Brandon McMullen (98), 10. Paul Pokorski (4), 11. Will Gerrits (21), 12. Scott Conger (24), 13. Shane Wenninger (53), 14. Kevin Karnitz (63k), 15. Dannon Tessmer (00), 16. Nike Melis (57), 17. Dick Kaiser (6), 18. Kurt Davis (6k), 19. Chris Clayton (2c), 20. Tony Wondra (11), 21. Emily Portschy (55e)

Midwest Modifieds Feature 6/23/17:
1. Shane Halopka (3JR), 2. Michael Truscott (22T), 3. Andy Karl (61K), 4. Paul Niznik (7P), 5. Chad Selk (29), 6. Josh Smith (21J), 7. Kent Baxter (95X), 8. Scott Anderson (27A), 9. Derek Haas (6H), 10. Mike Widmann (119), 11. Bernie Miller (00), 12. Eric Klemetson (.08), 13. Steve Haas (6), 14. Daniel Bargender (10), 15. Cole Smith (72S), 16. Rory Welch (73), 17. Kory Ambroziak (18X), 18. Tad Schoonover (35), 19. Grant Southworth (35), 20. Loonie Leu Jr (14JR)

Midwest Modifieds Heat #1:

1. Scott Anderson (27A), 2. Kent Baxter (95X), 3. Chad Selk (29), 4. Mike Widmann (119), 5. Steve Haas (6), 6. Rory Welch (73), 7. Daniel Bargender (10)

Midwest Modifieds Heat #2:
1. Grant Southworth (35), 2. Michael Truscott (22T), 3. Tad Schoonover (47), 4. Josh Smith (21J), 5. Cole Smith (72S), 6. Bernie Miller (00), 7. Lonnie Leu Jr (14JR)

Midwest Modifieds Heat #3:
1. Andy Karl (61K), 2. Shane Halopka (3JR), 3. Derek Haas (6H), 4. Paul Niznik (7P), 5. Eric Klemetson (.08), 6. Kory Ambroziak (18X)

Super Stocks Feature 6/23/17:
1. Jeff Klopstein (21JR), 2. Terry Kroeing (23E), 3. Randy Spacek (22), 4. Scott Geiger (75), 5. David Elliott (4X), 6. Joel Peterson (33)

Super Stocks Heat:
1. Randy Spacek (22), 2. Terry Kroening (23E), 3. Jeff Klopstein (21JR), 4. Scott Geiger (75), 5. David Elliott (4X), 6. Joel Peterson (33)

Street Stocks Feature 6/23/17:
1. Karl Genett (16K), 2. Kyle Genett (16X), 3. Jared Lindner (3J), 4. Ralph Stark (99), 5. Hunter Anderson (50), 6. Bob Seidler (5), 7. Alex Williams (24), 8. Parker Anderson (27), 9. Nate Hauge (10X), 10. Mitchell Kesan (21K)

Street Stocks Heat #1:
1. Karl Genett (16K), 2. Ralph Stark (99), 3. Bob Seidler (5), 4. Hunter Anderson (50), 5. Jared Lindner (3J)

Street Stocks Heat #2:
1. Kyle Genett (16X), 2. Nate Hauge (10X), 3. Parker Anderson (27), 4. Alex Williams (24), 5. Mitchell Kesan (21K)

Modifieds Feature 6/23/17:
1. Paul Niznik (42), 2. Matt Leer (30), 3. Jared Loos (44), 4. Steve Lavasseur (99L), 5. Kent Baxter (95X), 6. Chris Oertel (51), 7. Cole Varsho (16C), 8. Randy Bargender (009), 9. Kevin Rogers (24), 10. Mike Duhr (22), 11. Mike Knopps (93)

Modifieds Heat #1:
1. Steve Lavasseur (99L), 2. Paul Niznik (42), 3. Cole Varsho (16c), 4. Randy Bargender (009), 5. Mike Duhr (22), 6. Chris Oertel (51)

Modifieds Heat #2:
1. Matt Leer (30), 2. Jared Loos (44), 3. Mike Knopps (93), 4. Kent Baxter (95X), 5. Kevin Rogers (24)

Pure Stocks Feature 6/23/17:
1. Tucker Quinn (11), 2. Jason Havel (5), 3. Jim Thur (66T), 4. Mike Pratt (60), 5. Ken Heser (35), 6. Randy Luedtke (77), 7. Kevin Teske (27), 8. Hailey Rogers (24R), 9. Brent Hauge (10JR)

Pure Stocks Heat:
1. Jason Havel (5), 2. Tucker Quinn (11), 3. Ken Heser (35), 4. Jim Thur (66T), 5. Mike Pratt (60), 6. Randy Luedtke (77), 7. Kevin Teske (27), 8. Hailey Rogers (24R), 9. Brent Hauge (10JR)

Hornets Feature 6/23/17:
1. Mark Schoone (33S), 2. Kasey Gross (9G), 3. Jake Halterman (76), 4. Chad Halterman (X7), 5. Jennifer Nitzsche (13N), 6. Kraig James (04), 7. Jason Junker (117J), 8. Lucas Hoefs (17), 9. Christine Schmude (81), 10. Dustin Zettler (12), 11. Tyler Stargardt (07)

Hornets Heat #1:
1. Jake Halterman (76), 2. Mark Schoone (33S), 3. Jennifer Nitzsche (13N), 4. Lucas Hoefs (17), 5. Christine Schmude (81), 6. Dustin Zettler (12)

Hornets Heat #2:
1. Kasey Gross (9G), 2. Chad Halterman (X7), 3. Kraig James (04), 4. Jason Junker (117J), 5. Tyler Stargardt (07)